There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.- Frank Lloyd Wright

Business Cents

Performance is a habit, not a goal

Profit is the result of focused and intelligent effort. Asking good questions is key. Here are the two best questions to start.

1. If you were to go into your business starting today, what would it look like?

2. How does this compare to your reality today?

That difference in the two answers is the gap. You need to close the gap to succeed in the new world. The next question is how to identify your current location, and how to get to your destination asap.

As an objective professional, I help you build a path with clarity and a fresh perspective.

QUARTANA identifies, creates and optimizes revenue streams

Change is the only way to grow.  Change is not a choice, how you change is your choice. Disruption is part of the process. You must be the better way. (Or suffer the consequences).  I help you identify and implement a plan. I create a direct path and clarity based on your strengths and weaknesses. The plan must be SMART and show results in the KPIs of the plan.

QUARTANA recognizes and implements growth and change for dynamic results

Knowledge addresses facts and proven principles are applied.   When identifying and implementing your path, a specific solution recognizes the status quo and shines a light on the destination.  Every business has the same needs, to serve their customers and clients. From the idea or concept to the final reporting on each experience, people will gravitate to what serves their interests best. Know your avatars and WIIFM. If you don't serve your audience, customers and clients, you will struggle and eventually someone else will. It is that simple. I help you serve your audience profitably.

EXPERIENCE is primary knowledge, that is the difference between a general understanding and mastery.


Good marketing and communication creates solutions to solve problems and achieve goals.  Our solutions are composed to address two core elements, relationships and revenue. It has proven value and extracts the best of an idea when implemented. It is both measurable (revenue) and fulfilling (relationships) done well.  Simple. 


Experience is at the core of our value proposition and offer. Primary knowledge creates a foundation and perspective that is priceless. This hard earned skillset was developed over 40 years of sales, marketing and business experience. It is my edge, no matter the market, industry or climate, this application works from boom to bust and everything in between. The pursuit of the best and highest thought, personally and professionally is the consistent driving force. I dont waste time, I separate the wheat from the chaff


Through all of the years building my experience, I can say this with authority. Boil  it down and life is simple. Somewhere in this cycle above is your problem or challenge. It can be hard to spot or to be objective. This has not changed over time. The truth remains the truth. I find it.


Facts are not truth.  

The truth is often messy and full of storylines. Finding and addressing truth makes a difference. It seldom only lies on the surface. We all want our own version, often to the exclusion of a better and larger perspective. The internet has created new options and behaviors. Human nature remains the same. We all know a little about a lot. It is pretty easy today. A mile wide and an inch deep does not work. General ideas and solutions give way to personal and passionate messaging. I value, find and use your depth as your foundation.


Here is what we know. Without attention, the best message goes unnoticed. Get attention, you must engage, keep it and build upon it to get the desired action. Now you have a community and customers. It gets more important. Forgetting or taking your community for granted is costly yet a common error. Dont take ANYONE for granted. That's it. Simple, but not easy. And it never ends. Me too is not acceptable. When you show up, so do better results.


"Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm."   - Winston Churchill


The most important channel is the people channel. Relationships, aka in business "relational capital". This is often the overlooked or last considered channel. In every phase and aspect, people are key to a sucessful outcome; customers, prospects, employees or peers. People are busy and overwhelmed as a rule. My foundation in communocation and motivational marketing is key to a sticky solution. One and done is an expensive and ineffective approach to conduct business. Our development process aligns short term goals with brand and long term objectives. Getting their attention, engaging them to get the desired action and then creating and keeping them in your community today is not as easy and not the same as it was in the past.  You can't buy it either. This is the greatest passion I bring to any table. A love and belief in the human potential.


Revenue and relationships, my focus, passion and expertise

Follow the money. Early in my life and career I learned this unyielding need. My life and education came in a fortuitous manner and certainly was not graceful. From working at my parents store in grade school to selling sales and marketing programs to multi-national corporations in my early professional life. I learned hands on about motivation, promotion, communication and education in a wide spectrum of businesses. I learned to use a wide variety of techniques and tools; using every promotional tool you can imagine and the power of targeted and compelling communication in the course of that experience.   Without revenue, the engine stops. I focus on creating revenue.




The internet is a tool. An amazing tool. It does not replace humans in the pursuit of excellence. Just filling in blanks does not produce excellence. Maybe it replaces marginal or decent as it trys to redefine "good". I do not accept marginal or mailing it in.

DIY, anyone can do it! No exceptions! REALLY?? NO!


There is no easy button. It is the great lie. We all face it every day. "Buy this software to create your marketing". "Just fill in the blanks". "Your mission statement goes here". "Your USP goes in this blank". The internet offers you many of those easy moments. The premise of just filling in the blank is not accurate and we know it. Successful businesses spend unbelievable amounts of time and money to "fill in that blank". Just doing something is not enough. When you do the right things, with care, you get better results.  With very few exceptions have I witnessed otherwise. Luck is a by-product of that effort. I believe in committment and perserverance in this regard.


It never ends. It is a journey.

One and done is dead and gone. A quick pitch and close for any meaningful expenditure is very hard. You get "Googled" no matter what. People want what they "feel" is the best option. Advanced strategies lead to your solutions as preferred through pace, timing, congruency that seem natural to a consumer in their journey.

Producing results today demands engagement. People are looking for depth and more meaning in their experiences. Building relationships is the best use of your time, and it is harder than ever. Today, technology can leverage, not replace, your skills and abilities to optimize your effectiveness. Show and attract is the method, and you must be authentic and meaningful. No more using a barrage of crappy content. Doing it right is my key. Simply doing is the start. The "certain way" is the difference


Authenticity is key

The internet is full of "stuff" that simply does not fulfill it's promise or premise. It is seldom the experience that was sold. It is an overwhelming and vacuous experience. Value is created by establishing your message with persuasion, trust and authority and that is done through effective messaging. It takes effort and skill. This is where small differences can produce large results.


Overwhelm is the norm, no excuses are acceptable

Today there is a certain angst or expectation that you can do it "all". Google it and find the  best answer, service or product cheaper. Often the marketing and communication of technology marginalizes people in every profession, and offers "value"  usually in the form of price, convenience or both. You must create a value proposition. Your brand is the start, and using that voice is every relevant medium is the best strategy today. No more filler. Breaking through with your voice is a gift I share with clients. You will be judged no matter what. Be judged at your best.



Today, more than ever, we want to trust. We want that full experience of life. We get more removed from real people and that void is an issue. Building relationships are key and that is the place to invest your time. Cutting through that clutter between you and your audience is important. In essence, this problem is as old as man. It is now on steroids. The courage to communicate in an authentic voice to people is full of obstacles. Honest evaluation and focused efforts are your friends and create better results. These are old school ideas powered by today's tools. Old enemies like shortcuts, quick fixes and short term thinking bite back hard. All of this can be avoided, maybe it is not easy. It is worthwhile. If there is anything more important than integrity and good character, I dont know what it is. The courage to lead is creates intrinsic and extrinsic results. Leadership that values and creates the best interest of their people creates the strongest foundation for success in the best sense of the word.





Whatever the need or situation,   common sense, clear thinking with good,  honest and direct communication is an effective approach that builds a great foundation.


Digital integration and optimization are integral to all businessess, brick and mortar especially today. I see many "silo" effects where there is a need for both integration and collaboration. Getting inclusion and buy-in through random or isolated efforts is a waste of money yet "Hail Marys" are thrown everyday.


Congruence. I believe business should reflect who the people are, their culture. Identity and brand will happen by the experience, not by the visuals and graphics. For me, my business fits who I am.  No matter your business, true success is built through great relationships that generate revenue through value. I use technology to augment the strengths and efforts of an organization. I specialize and embrace technology to attain better results and cost effectiveness.


My first technology investment for business was a fax machine. Seems like folklore now. My first tech company was 2002. Todays tech does not resemble anything like before. Yet our interface and humanity has not reflected the comprehensive experience often. Technology is part of our lives. We have come a long way. In marketing, this needs to be your main focus. Not the only focus. But when you want to catch fish, fishing where the fish are is a good approach. We will never go back. Our choice is how to move forward.


It is not the critic who counts, nor the man who points out where the strong man stumbles, nor where the doer of deeds could have done them better. On the contrary, the credit belongs to the man in the arena whose vision is marred by the dust and the sweat and the blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes up again and again; who knows the great devotions, the great enthusiasms; who at best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement. However, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who never know neither victory nor defeat.  -Theodore Roosevelt


Ideas alone are worthless

Take action. Implement! The most important ingredient missing is specific action that fits you. It is the antithesis of using of general ideas, information or understanding as a solution. Specific and targeted solutions and their implementation is key. It is the difference between merely doing something and successful execution. It builds on itself rather than feeding a constant need to do something.


STEP BY STEP WINS THE RACE. Digital and mobile are your marketplaces. Tech is a tool that MUST be part of your arsenal

Now is a key concept today. The new demand of immediate and accurate response with convenience and ease. When I want! Breaking down the path and the moments of impact on the user experience must be your focus. It is never about you. The simple truths are at the source of most of our challenges, large and small. Distraction is our enemy. Focus is our friend. I help clients focus. I have worked in non profit, profit, multi-national and mom and pop operations. They all share the same issues and needs.

With the power of focus, you get clarity and you can identify and address problems and develop solutions. That is my strength. To see the problem like a laser and create the solution. As a student and teacher of business and life, I have assembled a large toolbox and developed a craftsmanlike skill.  Hard earned and not perfect, my experience is probably my greatest asset. I have made mistakes and surely will make more. I am a sinner, not saint so I speak from experience. The need to be right and protect my mistakes is one I don't wish to repeat. I have grown through mistakes and enlarged my perspective continually through others. A work in progress so to speak. Yet as a work in progress I approach and embrace the differences to create a singular "one" due to a deeper understanding of the human condition.





Einstein is one of my greatest sources of inspiration. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:  

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value."
”It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”
“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”
"The only source of knowledge is experience."
"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."

Walk the walk

Writing and telling my story has opened me up to share what I know. It has also exposed me to growing in my journey. A work in progress would define me best. I can live with that without the paralysis of perfection. This is what you can expect in your interactions with me. I am a combination of a practical individual and a dreamer looking to tilt windmills.


All my ideas! Not hardly

On a daily basis, I hear and see people try to sell and package something,  as "their" new and shiny. Often these entities dont even have any mastery, and are regurgitating or parroting bought tools or sytems, or using an "affiliate marketing" sales approach. At this point in time, I dont know when it comes to ideas I don't know what is mine and what do I own really? I know that much of it was derived from others in my life. Many I remember, some I don't. They say a new idea is often two or more old ideas put together. The internet is straining the idea of ownership and it gets hard to tell who is genuine and who is merely a copycat and thief.

I have had some great mentors and people in my life. Bob Proctor was an especially influential person and a mentor of mine.  He had me sold when he told me that not one of the things he taught were his ideas, and that he had stolen from the very best and smartest people he could find. Bob told me that smart people learned from their experience; but really smart people learned from the experience of others. I am trying to do both. Bob is a special guy if you are willing to open up to your truth. He has a grasp of things that few do, and he scared the bejeezis out of me when he coached me. Here is one example why;

BOB; "Well Joe are you going to do it?" This was his question at the end of a coaching call after he gave me instructions on what to do the next week.

ME: "Well Bob, I'll try."

BOB: "Dont waste my time. Trying is failure with honor."

ME: Silence. Then my meek, "OK". Outcome, I dont use the word try anymore.

I am best when I am asked for a specific solution, that is derived using courage and honesty in communication. If there is no integrity, I am not your guy. Good character counts.

TANSTAAFL. There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

There is no free. Someone or something is footing every bill. You might say that Facebook or some social platform is free. Far from it. You are paying and you are the product. And you have ZERO control or rights except to not use or participate. This is very expensive and fragile when unexpected changes occur. And they seem to happen at the worst time often.

I have money in the background of this page because, like life, it is always there in one way shape or form now. Whether it is your focus or your passion, or side hustle/entertainment, revenue is a consideration.

Value is the focus of my existence. My values create the essence of how I go about my business. My brand. Whatever I do, providing a value in doing it is the guiding light from moment one.

I encourage you to choose and distinguish what makes your brand in terms of your core beliefs. As Frankl outlined in "Man's Search For Meaning", "it adds a richness to every moment of every day". It produces great energy. That energy gets directed by collaboration and becomes more that a sum of the parts. May your day and life be full of love, joy and happiness.

Thanks for your visit and time. For further information, assistance or my availability, fill out the form below.  As my thank you, you will get the two best life and marketing tips I can offer, courtesy of my father.             -Joe

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